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Buy Weed in Canada

To buy weed in Canada using our Mail Order Marijuana service means you will discreetly and securely receive the best marijuana strains and medical marijuana products at a fraction of the cost of government stores.

Toke Club’s team has helped thousands access high-quality medical-grade weed throughout the many years that they have worked in the Cannabis industry.

It’s our aim to become one of the top weed delivery services. Our online dispensary aims to do this by spoiling Canadians with low price weed, a wide variety of products, and exceptional customer service.

To do this, we deliver cannabis across the entirety of Canada—servicing British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador and as far as Yukon and Nunavut. Discover our top selling Cannabis products below.

About Toke Club Online Dispensary

It’s our mission to provide the best access to recreational and medical cannabis strains and products at the lowest price possible. Our online store is open 24-7 so that you can buy weed in Canada when you need it from anywhere in Canada. Be comfortable in the knowledge that you’re in safe hands when you purchase cheap bud from Toke Club Canada. So no matter whether you’re looking to purchase weed concentrates in Castlegar, buy weed in Nunavut, buy weed edibles in Thunder Bay, or buy weed oil vapes in Windsor, you’ll find it at the best online dispensary in Canada.

If you’re looking for CBD pills, THC pills or tinctures, or even Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid weed, Toke Club is the only online Cannabis store that you can really trust to get it right every time. Alongside our high-grade weed, our store to buy weed in Canada is also popular for:

Buy Edibles Online Canada

From Cannabis Candy like gummies to classic weed cookies, Toke Club sells a variety of amazing edibles available for Canadians to purchase online. Whether you’re in the Northern parts of Canada, Castlegar, Windsor, or Thunder Bay, you’ll find a wide selection of weed edibles here. Many of our products have high THC content, meaning that even the most veteran of Toker won’t have to consume a lot to get the desired effect. Toke Club also carries a wide selection of top edible manufacturers and brands including:


Baroness is an edible brand that is known and beloved for their cannabis candies. Some of the top weed candies that they make are Splash of Baron (100mg THC per bag), Bones of the Stoned Age (250mg THC per bag), Ghost of Baron (500mg THC per bag), How to Tame a Unicorn (500mg THC).


FeelCBD is the preeminent Canadian cannabis company renowned for its line of tinctures including FeelCBD Calm 300mg Tincture and the FeelCBD Focus 300mg Tincture. The company also produces other amazing cannabis products like their range of vape tips and kits and even cannabis body balms and topical pain relievers.

Buy Shatter Online Canada

Our mail-order marijuana store sells a large variety of shatter, dabs, budder, rosin, kief, and wax. But are arguably best-known for our high-quality shatter, which is available at wholesale prices. From shatter-based candies by Euphoria Extractions to weed caviar, Toke Club provides high-quality weed concentrates and delivers it right to your home, no matter where you live in Canada. If you’re looking for something different than just to buy weed in Canada, you’ll love some of the most popular types of cannabis concentrates we sell are:

Canadian Distillate

Distillate is a runny and clear cannabis oil that is free of the impurities and waxes that are carried in cannabis plants. Best for dabbing, vaping, and for creating your own edibles, cannabis distillate is a potent oil that lacks the classic cannabis flavor but still provides an incredible high.

Cannabis BHO

One of the newest cannabis innovations, cannabis BHO’s like caviar is a high THC product that usually packs a higher THC content than traditional herb. Weed caviar is made by soaking cannabis buds in hash oil and is occasionally coated in kief. Weed caviar is made in lab-like conditions and often has more than 85% THC.

Canadian Shatter

Our Canadian shatter is a cannabis extract that looks a lot like an amber-hued glass. As with other concentrates, shatter is high in THC and should be impurity-free. It is made by passing solvents, like butane, through ground cannabis plant material. This process creates a thick cannabis oil. Once the butane or other solvent has been purged from the oil, the concentrate is then processed into many different forms including budder, shatter, sap, and live resin.

Live Resin

Live resin endures the same processes as traditional shatter insomuch as it starts out as ground plant material that is then mixed with a solvent to create a thick and potent cannabis oil. However, the difference between Live Resin and Shatter is that shatter can be made from both cured and fresh herb whereas Live Resin is exclusively made from fresh plant material. The reason for only using fresh herb is that it preserves the cannabis terpenes, which is the fundamental of the best Live Resin. Terpenes help ensure that the concentrates retain a large percentage of their flavour.

Bubble Hash

Bubble Hash is darker than other concentrates like shatter but is created by using ice water to extract the potent cannabinoids from the trichomes, which look like tiny hairs on the cannabis plant. Bubble Hash is more potent than traditional hash but can be consumed by using similar methods as traditional hash, either by a pipe or rolled with cannabis and tobacco in a blunt.