Exclusive Extracts

Exclusive Extracts Shatter Canada

Exclusive Extracts is a Canadian shatter brand that is based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. Featuring premium AAA grade and EE’s lab-tested product, this exclusive shatter boasts every element of its name, offering users clean, smooth clouds, and an intoxicating high. While each Exclusive Extracts envelope contains 1-gram of shatter and a promise to exhibit terpene-rich flavors and aromas, these concentrations are artisan-crafted masterpieces.

Since Exclusive Extracts prides itself in creating pure, strain-specific shatter that closely mimics the original terpene profiles, benefits, and effects of your favorite nug strains, you know exactly what to expect when dabbing this premium shatter brand. Support and indulge in rich Canadianterps when you support local shatter business, Exclusive Extracts!

Why do Toke Club customers love Exclusive Extracts?

While each user has their own list of go-to products, shatter from exclusive extracts is a continual bestseller for Toke Club customers. Whether you enjoy a good dab or a little sprinkle of exclusive shatter within your joints, there are so many reasons that Exclusive Extracts continue to be a smash hit across Canada.

  • Canadian-made and manufactured product
  • Shatter that mimics the terpene profiles of popular strains
  • Coast-to-coast shipping available
  • An energetic product that’s lab-tested
  • Good taste combined with great high
  • Consistency in the product
  • Unlike the majority of competitors, Exclusive Extracts is live resin**
  • Each product can be used recreationally and medicinally
  • **Exclusive Extracts live resin shatter is a type of concentrate that is created using a technique that takes freshly harvested cannabis and freezes it prior to the extraction process. This means the product avoids the typical dried and curing process which negatively impacts the potency of the terpenes. Exclusive Extracts live resin shatter undergoes terpene preservation which makes each product rich in trichomes, flavor, and potency!

    Best of all, there is an Exclusive Extracts shatter that caters to all your needs—whether you suffer from anxiety, depression, insomnia, nausea, lack of appetite, or some other ailment such as cancer, there’s a live resin product that contains the right terpenes to treat you—with a huge selection available right here on Toke Club.

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