Array Bioceuticals Syringe 60%+

What is a THC Syringe?

The Fluent syringe dispenses purified, a solvent-free cannabis extract that has 90% THC * purged of all waxes, fats, and oils. This method provides precise control over your dosage and allows the oil to be consumed in multiple ways. (Oh, and this stuff is pretty potent so start slow). Patients who use medical marijuana to treat epilepsy, alleviate pain and inflammation, reduce nausea, or as a glaucoma remedy, will greatly benefit from this applicator because you can precisely measure exact dosages.

For instance, let?s say you?ve discovered that .1 ml is all you need to calm arthritis pain. You can now dispense that exact quantity onto a cookie or cracker, then sit back and wait for relief. Perhaps you?ve discovered that one strong dose can stop the onset of a migraine. You can take that specific dose the moment you need it.? This tool is accurately tailored to your needs, removing any estimates or guessing games. FYI: we recommend warming the whole glass applicator in a cup of water or rolling the syringe between your palms before usage to thin out the oil.

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