Ganja Baked – Peanut Butter Cookie 50mg
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Ganja Baked Peanut Butter Cookie contains 50mg of THC. Handcrafted in BC.

  • Contains peanut butter 


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Ganja Cookies are the best tasting and dosed medical edible product on the market. Made using premium ingredients, each cookie is expertly infused with exactly 50mg of Pure food-grade cannabis oil.  The essential Terpenes commonly present in the Cannabis flower have been reintroduced for a more effective entourage effect, and a more balanced euphoric experience without any hangover effect.

Directions: Start with a very small portion and allow 60 to 90 minutes for effects.

Cannabinoid Content: 50mg THC per Cookie.

Lab Tested: Lab tested at 50mg per Cookie. Produced in licensed and inspected facility.

Storage Instructions: Can be stored at room temperature for up to 3 months or refrigerated for up to 1 year.

Ingredients: Flour, sugar, chocolate chips, peanut butter, Cannabis Oil, vegetable oil margarine, liquid whole eggs, liquid invert sugar, coccoa, cooking molasses, water, sodium bicarbonate, natural flavour and salt. Contains wheat, milk, eggs, and Soy. Processed in a plant that contains peanuts, tree nuts, sulphites and tartrazine.





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