Witchcraft Cannabis Can (3.5g)
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Witchcraft Cannabis is committed to bringing you an elevated cannabis experience by offering collections of the most uncommon and rare strains that embody the best aroma, taste, look and effect. We offer the finest quality of organic fair trade, hand-trimmed and cured cannabis from only the best local growers around.

All flowers are freshly canned for maximum preservation!

Witchcraft Cannabis is proud to be female owned and operated. Located in Beautiful British Columbia, the spiritual home of Canadian cannabis and where world renowned BC Bud has been cultivated for years. Portion of the proceeds are donated to Women’s Health¬†Foundations.

Available Strains: 
  • Grease Monkey 3.5g
  • Pink Goo 3.5g
  • Cement Shoes 3.5g
  • Rockstar OG 3.5g
  • Black Gas 3.5g
  • Tom Ford 3.5g
  • Pecking Duck 3.5g
  • Kush Breath 3.5g
If you purchase this product you will earn 84 Toke Points worth $0.84!
If you purchase this product you will earn 84 Toke Points worth $0.84!


604-498-5001 Mon-Fri 8:30am to 5pm



Grease Monkey 3.5g, Pink Goo 3.5g, Cement Shoes 3.5g, Rockstar OG 3.5g, Black Gas 3.5g, Tom Ford 3.5g, Pecking Duck 3.5g, Kush Breath 3.5g, Granddaddy Purple 3.5g, Gas Mask 3.5g, Platinum Kust Breath 3.5g, Pink Rhino 3.5g, Gelato 3.5g, Gelato 3.5g


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