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Canada can rejoice, our cannabis and hemp body products are all the buzz when it comes to organic, hemp-infused topicals. We take pride in curating the most brilliant selection of nourishing, hydrating, long-lasting and delicious smelling cannabis and hemp body products. After all, we’re all buds here!
If you’ve been searching for hemp and cannabis moisturizing lotions, rejuvenating soaps, pain relief roll-ons, pet or bath products that delight the senses, then our CBD-based body products are the only topical you should think to use. Leave your skin feeling cleansed and refreshed now.

Relax with our Hemp Products, Canada

The best part is, you’re not going to get high from slathering on cannabis body products. Instead, you can expect that once they are applied to your skin, the cannabinoid receptors have the ability to help reduce inflammation, eliminate bacteria and regulate oil production.
Weed, or hemp, is a miracle plant and the health benefits are endless. So, why not let your body reap the rewards from these hemp and cannabis-based body products?
Toke Club Canada also features a wide assortment of cannabis body products for your furry friend!

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Dose Edibles & Tinctures

Boost CBD Tincture

80-150 Toke Point
50-80 Toke Point
50-80 Toke Point
39-399 Toke Point
100 Toke Point
16-18 Toke Point

Dose Edibles & Tinctures

Lyfe Tinctures 1:1 30ml

170 Toke Point
124 Toke Point
82 Toke Point
25 Toke Point
25 Toke Point
24-30 Toke Point