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Discover cannabis distillates, which are heralded as the future of cannabis concentrates. Cannabis Distillates are made with pure cannabis extracts, meaning that these viscous oils are extremely potent and extremely clean. Distillates often have a potency of nearly 99% THC, which is a huge boost from flower’s average 15%-25% THC content.

Those who love shatter and BHO’s potency will love distillates’ pure potency.

Uncontaminated and Solvent-Free

How do cannabis distillates remain so pure? The answer is the in the extraction and refinement process.

Distillates start from the highest-quality cannabis plants available, all of which contain hundreds of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.  All the distillates we sell are made by separating these compounds from the plant material while retaining the maximum potency.

Through the distillation process, the material is introduced to high-intensity heat, which vapourizes the cannabinoids. Those vapours then travel through the cooling systems, returning them to their liquid state, free from impurities and plant matter. This scientific process results in a clean cannabis-infused liquid that’s completely solvent-free. And incredibly potent.

Using Cannabis Distillates

There are many ways to enjoy your cannabis distillate:

  • Oral – Just like cannabutter or other edible bases, cannabis distillates can be added into food recipes or drink recipes and will enter your bloodstream when processed by your digestive system and liver.
  • Tincture – Put a few drops of the distillate under your tongue like you would a tincture and hold it there for at least a minute. This allows the THC to be absorbed by the mucus membrane in the mouth sending them straight into your bloodstream, which means you get high faster.
  • Vaping – Load your vapourizer with one or two drops of distillate. Vapes with ceramic coils are better but you should be careful because vaping concentrates can get a little messy quite quickly.
  • Dabbing – Drop a dose of the distillate onto the heated water pipe attachment and inhale just like you would with other dab systems.


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