Skunk Strains

Sensi Skunk

Sensi Skunk is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain that is a hybrid of the infamous Skunk #1 strain. This celebrity child boasts powerful indica effects that are fueled by an insanely high THC level that typically falls around the 26-28% range. Sensi Skunk buds have super resinous compact and heavily dense spade-shaped bright neon green nugs with lots of dark olive green leaves, sparse fiery orange hairs, and a light spattering of chunky oversized white trichomes. Despite its enticing appearance, Sensi Skunk is most famous for the high it provides – it starts with a euphoric head buzz that leaves you uplifted and relaxed with a powerful sense of introspection that can leave you spacey at times. A slowly building body high will creep up on you, suddenly taking hold and leaving you helplessly stoned and couch-locked with no hope of movement for hours on end. This overpowering body high leaves you completely pain free without any sense of passing time or painful thoughts. Because of these potent effects, Sensi Skunk is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as insomnia, chronic stress or anxiety, chronic pain, and muscle spasms or tremors. The aroma and taste of this bud are the perfect toppers to an insanely awesome strain – it has a sweet herbal earthy flavor that has a pungent citrusy skunk aftertaste that sits on the tongue after exhale.

Citrus Skunk Weed Strain

Citrus Skunk is a super sticky and stinky hybrid variety that was brought forth by the Jordan of the Islands seed company in British Columbia. This Skunk #1 and California Orange combo is a well balanced hybrid strain that produces medium-sized plants that grow big and bushy if trained properly. Citrus Skunk has a rather intense terpene profile that’s full-bodied smoke starts with a sweet, tangy, orange-like flavour before quickly molding into the classic Skunk funk that’s been stinking up grow rooms and pockets for decades now. Her perfectly balanced hybrid high starts with a highly euphoric, cerebral and visually stimulating head buzz that’s eventually paired up with a calming body stone that helps to ease common aches and pains.

Lavender Skunk

Also known as Lavender Kush, this strain gets its name from its odor and the dark purple coloration on its leaves. It’s an indica-dominant mix of Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean, and Afghani Hawaiian, and it has a 40:60 sativa/indica ratio. Lavender has a spicy aroma with floral tones and has a sweet lavender taste. This strain is well known for its unique flavor and smell. It produces a strong, relaxing high with euphoria and happiness. It’s frequently used to treat GI problems and mental disorders, as its soothing effects wash anxiety away and lift depression. Dry mouth and red eyes are possible, as is paranoia and headaches, though those are very limited. Lavender hits THC levels as high as 27%, making it one of the more potent and effective strains on the market. It causes a slight head high and then a powerful body high driven by the indica-dominant genes. Lavender is most popular on the West Coast, less so in the rest of the country. Its short vegetative cycle and easy cultivating makes it a good choice for patients who home grow.

Blueberry Skunk

Blueberry Skunk is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain created as a cross of the insanely popular cult favorite strains Blueberry X Skunk #1. This dank bud boasts an insanely high THC level that ranges from 11-22% and is infamous among the cannabis community for its confusingly delicious aroma. Upon first whiff, Blueberry Skunk has a slightly sweet blueberry earth smell, but this quickly turns into a skunky musky aroma that is surprisingly sweet. With a taste of sweet hashy blueberry that quickly turns to potent skunk, Blueberry Skunk is the perfect bud for the user who likes a traditional but sweet taste. These buds have large, dense spade-shaped forest green nugs with deep blue undertones, rich amber hairs, and a frosty layer of fine sandy trichomes. Users describe the Blueberry Skunk high as one that is insanely long lasting with an uplifting euphoric cerebral buzz that leaves you giggly with a heavy case of the munchies. This is followed by a slowly building warming body buzz that leaves you utterly relaxed and pain-free. Due to these effects, Blueberry Skunk is said to be an ideal strain for treating chronic pain, depression, anxiety or stress, and appetite loss.

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