Pinetrak (AA)

Pinetrak is a 100% pure sativa strain created through a cross of the classic Mexican Sativa X Thai Sativa strains. This powerful strain brings together the best of THC and CBD highs, offering a CBD level of up to 4% on average and an average THC level of 20-21%. The Pinetrak high is incredibly energetic and uplifted, perfect for a daytime smoke when you need something to get you through your day. The high starts with a rush of artistic energy that leaves you inspired to create anything that comes to mind. As this high continues, you’ll become more and more social and motivated, talking to anyone around you that will listen. Because of these long-lasting effects, Pinetrak is said to be the perfect strain for treating conditions such as chronic fatigue, depression, chronic pain, and mood swings. This bud has a sweet pine flavor with hints of citrus and lemongrass and just a touch of fresh earth. The aroma is very lemony with a hint of pine, almost like Pine-Sol without the harsh cleaner smell.

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