Distillate Direct .ca

Distillate Direct .ca was one of the largest online weed stores until Edmonton Police took the website down in early 2020.

Distillate Direct vs Toke Club

Distillates Direct Weed Shatter

Prior to being taken down by the Edmonton authorities, Distillate Direct was implicated in selling “Pine Tar” shatter and concentrates.

In 2019, there was a spate of complaints online about “Pine Tar” concentrates and resin. These concentrates are usually incredibly cheap and manufactured in China or other questionable sources. When added to a dab rig, they start to smoke, leaving a milky-coloured residue on the lips of the toker, with the biggest concern being for the smoker’s lungs with long-term use—something that has yet to be fully confirmed. If you have purchased dabs, shatter, BHO, or other cheap concentrates from Distillate Direct and you notice a smell of black licorice or Pinesol or a strange residue remaining on your lips, you should stop smoking sub-par concentrates and instead buy shatter from Toke Club Canada.