Comparing Canadian Mail Order Marijuana services can be a tricky challenge for many tokers. Often leading to wasted time and, occasionally, wasted money. But Toke Club strives to be one of the most trustworthy sources to buy cannabis online in Canada. We do this by providing top-shelf cannabis products at the lowest possible price points along with fast, discreet shipping and world-class customer service.

With shipping across the length and breadth of the country and many years of experience in cultivating and selecting cannabis products, you can trust that Toke Club is here to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with your experience. Continue reading to find out how we’re different from many of the Canadian MOMs that have been and gone over the past few years as well as how buying your weed here is the best choice you can make.

Canadian MOMs Shutdown by Edmonton Police

Buy Bud’s mission is to provide the “chillest” experience while buying weed online. But, according to Knoji, their shipping and payment methods leave Canadian tokers wanting with just two stars and their discounts are also non-existent. Instead of settling for an experience that might disappoint, Toke Club offers comprehensive discounts to our members and allows you to be rewarded for your purchases through the points programme, which actively seeks to let you save even more money on future purchases. was recently seized by the Edmonton Police department. Which seems to imply that their weed might have been coming from questionable sources. Instead of dealing with the unknowns of cannabis cultivation, buy weed online at the Toke Club online dispensary and find AAAA+ weed at AA prices while knowing that all our products have been extensively tested by our team. had a weed rewards programme very similar to Toke Club. However, Buy Weed Online primarily delivered their cannabis throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Toke Club doesn’t just deliver weed, edibles, cannabis oil vapes, and concentrates to the GTA; we deliver to all parts of the country including British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. So whether you live in Prince George or PEI, you can buy cannabis online here. is probably one of the most famous online cannabis companies in Canada. However, they are famous largely because at one time they didn’t require ID, which increases the risk that they were selling to minors. At Toke Club, we believe in responsible toking and require a government ID to ensure that our products do not fall into the wrong hands. Become a member today here (it’ll be cheaper than buying at MJN Express anyway). was known for selling a wide variety of cannabis strains. But, has since closed down. However, if you’re looking for a wide variety of weed strains in Canada, Toke Club is here to help you out. From old school diesel and kush strains to new cutting-edge strains, you’ll be able to find flower, shatter, terp sauce, and more here at Toke Club today.

Online Dispensaries Shut Down by Edmonton Police

As well as the few online dispensaries listed above that were taken down by Edmonton Police Services in March 2020, a number of other Canadian Mail Order Marijuana sites were also shut down, including: