Euphoria Extractions Shatter Bars
Euphoria Extractions are a Canadian-based edibles manufacturer with a slight twist on classic cannabis edibles. Created from high-quality and lab-tested shatter, the edibles manufactured by Euphoria Extractions have an amazing flavour and will well-and-truly make sure you’re as stoned as you want to be. After years of trial and error—and testing for the perfect combination of cannabis and candy—Euphoria Extractions are proud of their line of high-quality shatter-based cannabis bars, cookies, chocolates, and chews.
Euphoria Extractions Shatterbars
Whether you’re buying Euphoria Extractions shatter bars, brownies or cookies, you’ll be amazed at the consistency, quality, and how tipsy you’ll feel after consumption. The shatter bars come in a range of THC concentrations including 100mg chocolate chip cookies, 240mg brownies, and the powerful 500mg chocolate bars.

At the crux of all the shatter bars by Euphoria Extractions is a premium cannabis extract that is lab-tested to ensure a safe and consistent edible experience. Further living up to their core principles of safety and excellence, Euphoria Extractions’ facilities have the required tools to track their product and batch numbers to ensure that every treat can be easily traced all the way back to the manufacturer.

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