Mota cannabis was one of the largest online weed stores until Edmonton Police took the website down in early 2020.

Mota Cannabis Products vs Toke Club

Although Mota Cannabis sells a wide variety of weed products, they are best known for the variety of cannabis edibles that they sell. The types of edibles that Mota would sell is vast including Jellies, THC gummies, shatter bars, cannabis chocolate bars, phoenix tears, THC spray, Cannabis Lollipops, Tinctures, THC Vape cartridges, cotton candy, CBD spray, weed brownies, and thc infused fruit.

The brand is also known for selling a wide variety of cannabis herb as well as amazing concentrates. Some of the most popular weed concentrates sold by Mota Cannabis include honey and phoenix tears, honey oil, kief moon rocks, bubble hash, shatter, THC cartridges, live resin, Moroccan resin hash, CBD Isolate, and budder crumble and distillate.