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Mercedes Hash

18 Toke Point


Moroccan Hash

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Pakistani Hash

20-230 Toke Point


Pineapple Hash

11 Toke Point


Pink Kush Hash

19-418 Toke Point
231-814 Toke Point
212 Toke Point
37-814 Toke Point


Red Lebanese Hash

13 Toke Point
20-440 Toke Point


Rolling Stones Hash

40 Toke Point


Romeo & Juliet Hash

26-40 Toke Point


Royal Palace Hash

28-44 Toke Point
60 Toke Point
40 Toke Point


Tiger Hash

36-680 Toke Point
23 Toke Point
70 Toke Point

In Canada, the quality and potency of CBD concentrates can reach exceptional heights, showcasing high potency and offering users a transformative experience. While the types of CBD concentrates vary, many are meticulously extracted and purified, delivering profound therapeutic benefits, aiding in pain management, anxiety reduction, and overall wellness enhancement. With users reporting notable improvements in their daily lives, describing enhanced focus, better sleep, and reduced stress levels, these CBD extracts and the companies that sell them are committed to improving lives with a more natural remedy. 

Different types of CBD concentrates

CBD concentrates is an umbrella term for a large category of CBD based products, including shatter, wax, oil, and so much more. With such a vast assortment of products, each possesses its unique benefits:

CBD isolate:

The purest form of CBD, this concentrate contains zero THC and is ideal for those seeking the benefits without any psychoactive effects. With such versatility, CBD isolate can be used in various applications like edibles and topicals. 

Full-spectrum CBD concentrate:

CBD extracts that contain all the natural compounds found in the hemp plant are known as full-spectrum CBD concentrates. This means that while offering the general effects of CBD, these products have additional benefits due to the interaction of cannabinoids and terpenes. Used to treat a wide range of conditions the types of CBD concentrates in this category are endless.

Broad-spectrum CBD concentrate:

Similar to full-spectrum but without THC, broad-spectrum CBD concentrates provide synergistic benefits of cannabinoids and terpenes but without the “high” feeling associated with THC products.

CBD wax/crumble: 

CBD wax is a term used within Canada to describe CBD extracts with a waxy or crumble texture. Fast-acting and with a high potency, these products are best suited for immediate relief and are typically used by vape or dab to offer the quickest absorption.

CBD shatter:

Often resembling glass, CBD shatter is a popular product in Canada. As one of the most solid and stable forms of CBD concentrates, shatter possesses a high potency and high quality. Even though this CBD concentrate is considered high end, many places sell cheap shatter Canada. You just need to know where to look.

CBD oil concentrate:

Highly concentrated and in oil form, this CBD extract is versatile and easy to consume under the tongue or by adding it to food and drinks. Be sure to read the dosing instructions to avoid feeling too high when using these products.

Terpene-infused CBD concentrate:

Looking for CBD flavour concentrates? Terpene-infused options are tailored to provide targeted benefits based on the chosen terpene profile. They also come in a wide variety of flavours to appeal to all taste buds.Shopping with Toke Club assures that you receive the best products on the market. That said, it’s important to start with a low dosage and gradually increase until you find the optimal dose for your body. Also, be aware of potential interactions between CBD extracts and other medications that you may be taking at the time of use.

Unlock wellness using CBD concentrates

Physically, the best shatter in Canada offers a natural way to manage pain, inflammation, and ailments. Their anti-inflammatory properties can soothe sore muscles, alleviate chronic pain, and aid in post-workout recovery. Mentally, the best wholesale shatter Canada exerts a calming and anxiety-reducing effect. Assisting in stress management, enhancing focus, and metal clarity, these products interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system to regulate mood and promote a sense of calm.

The best part is that all of the above wellness benefits are achievable whether you buy cheap shatter online in Canada or an expensive CBD distillate. All types of CBD concentrates offer a wide range of benefits with some being more desirable than others.

Buy shatter online in Canada with convenience

Purchasing CBD shatter online in Canada offers unparalleled convenience and accessibility, especially with the hassle-free process on Toke Club. With just a few clicks, you can easily explore our selection of premium CBD shatter options. The process is straightforward, choose the ones that align with your preferences, read detailed product descriptions, check the dosage, and add the best shatter in Canada to your online shopping cart. Then, you simply proceed to checkout and complete the necessary details for a seamless transaction.

What truly sets the experience apart is the swift and discreet delivery. After placing your order, expect your CBD shatter to arrive at your doorstep in a timely manner, saving you the inconvenience of travelling to a physical store. It’s that easy when you shop with Toke Club!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best shatter I can buy in Canada?
What if we told you that the best shatter was also the cheapest shatter in Canada? As one of the best concentrates you can purchase to alleviate stress, anxiety, inflammation, and chronic pain, shatter is cheap, highly effective, and available in small or large quantities right here at Toke Club! Whether you prefer Girl Scout Cookies or Pineapple Express, cheap shatter is up for grabs.

How many dabs can you get from 1 gram of shatter?
The number of dabs from 1 gram of shatter depends on dab size. Typically, you get 20 small dabs (0.05 grams each) or 10 medium dabs (0.1 gram each) from 1 gram. To find affordable shatter in Canada, search “buy cheap shatter online” and “shatter deals in Canada.” Compare prices and reviews across multiple dispensaries, look for promotions and loyalty programs, and consider ship costs and delivery times. 

What is best to smoke a shatter with?
The best way to smoke shatter is typically with a dab ring, which allows for better temperature control and efficient vaporization. Dab rings are specifically designed for shatter, ensuring that users get the most out of their products. If you’re exploring different concentrates, you might also be interested in trying terp sauce in Canada, which is known for its rich flavor and high terpene content.

What THC concentrates can get you the most high?
When seeking the THC concentrates that can get you the most high, some of the most potent options include shatter, wax, and live resin. Among these, shatter is renowned for its high THC purity. You can easily buy shatter online from various online dispensaries, like Toke Club. Another powerful option is terp sauce, which you can find in Canada. Rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, enhancing the high and the flavor profile.

Is it safe to take shatter in Canada?
Yes, it is safe to take shatter in Canada, provided it is purchased from a licensed and reputable source. Canada has a well-regulated cannabis market, ensuring products meet safety and quality standards. To find the best shatter in Canada, look for products from trusted vendors that provide lab testing results. Additionally, taking advantage of shatter deals in Canada can help you find high-quality shatter at affordable prices.

How to handle a sticky shatter?
Handling sticky shatter can be challenging, but there are several ways to make it easier. When you buy shatter online, it often comes in a plastic or parchment paper wrapper. To best handle the stickiness, we recommend that you use a dab tool to prevent the shatter from sticking to your fingers. You can also chill it in the fridge to make it less sticky in texture.

What is the best THC cartridge?
The best THC cartridge can vary depending on individual preferences, including potency and flavor. What we love might not be what you love. It’s always best to read reviews to hear honest opinions rather than just read product descriptions.

What is the strongest form of cannabis concentrates, live resin, shatter, or wax?
Determining the strongest form of cannabis concentrate can depend on factors like potency, individual tolerance, and consumption method. However, since all of the listed concentrates can have high THC potency based on the strain used and the extraction process, we do not have a distinct answer to your question. Our best advice is to start with small doses and gradually increase your consumption amount, as well as purchase from reputable sources like us.

What is the most potent type of cannabis extract?
There is no one-size-fits-all answer to what the most potent cannabis extract is. For some users, live resin is the most potent extract. For others, it’s shatter. One thing is certain, the potency, tolerance level, and consumption method play a factor in how potent your cannabis extract is. Cheap shatter won’t be as potent as the higher-end shatter, but if you’re still new to extracts and looking to buy shatter online, there’s nothing wrong with purchasing cheap shatter products to enjoy the plentiful effects.

Why is shatter cheaper?
Generally speaking, concentrates like wax and shatter sell at a lower price point than other extracts like resin. This is because these products are less labour intensive and costly to create. The harvesting techniques required to capture the flavor, aroma, and quality of the product are usually reflective in the price, which is why the cheapest shatter in Canada still offers a multitude of benefits. Buy cheap shatter online today and see for yourself!