Marijuana for Depression

If you’ve been feeling low most of the time, unable to focus, and seem to have no interest at all in any activity, this might be a sign that you’re experiencing a type of illness called Depression.

Depression has been lurking worldwide for years now, and it has even become the most common mood disorder that affects an estimated percentage of 5% of all Adults Worldwide

People seem only to notice that they are suffering from Depression once it gets worse. This worldwide phenomenon led researchers to find an alternative cure or simple preventive treatments as only a few could afford traditional therapies.

This results in the exploration of the benefits and treatment capabilities of Marijuana Consumption for Medical Purposes. We’ll dive deeper into this as we go along.

Marijuana is Made Up Of

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already familiar with how popular Marijuana is, especially for medical and recreational use. But where does it come from?

Marijuana came from a group of plants called Cannabis. Cannabis is a plant that contains multiple psychoactive properties, which you might be familiar with when you see “Sativa Dominant” or “Indica Dominant” properties on their weed labels.

According to Healthline, Cannabis or Marijuana is made up of more than hundreds of “cannabinoid” components. However, the bulk of research aims to look at 2 Major components, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

Treating Depression with Marijuana

A considerable amount of research suggests that Marijuana tends to contain compounds or properties that aids as a treatment for various diseases such as chronic pain, sleep apnea, insomnia, headache, anxiety, and Depression.

We’re going to talk about what these compounds are, how our bodies react when consumed, and how it could be an excellent treatment for Depression.

What CBD Does For Depression

Cannabidiol is one of the hundreds of compounds that are found in Marijuana. Although, it is derived directly from the hemp plant, a cousin of Marijuana. 

CBD is proven effective for pain relief, heart health, anxiety and depression, and many more. 

Although it has many similar components with THC, CBD, unlike THC, does not promote any psychoactive qualities that are much more known as the “high effect.” 

According to research in 2014, CBD seems to promote positive effects with receptors in the brain, mainly serotonin. This positively impacts certain brain functions and alleviates stress, resulting in a more calm and happier state.

What THC Does For Depression

Much like CBD, THC also has its fair share of multiple health-beneficial properties. This is the compound where most of the “High Effect” or psychoactive effects when consuming cannabis products. 

THC is also responsible for producing the brain receptors to react in a state of euphoria when taken. Research in 2017 claims that THC appears to decrease anxiety and Depression at lower doses.

Best Marijuana Strains for Depression

Here are a few recommended marijuana products that are ideal for alleviating anxiety and treating Depression.

There’s no better method of easing anxiety and Depression than this. If you’re after a super relaxing high that will leave you kicking back without heavy sedation, you’ve found it. The Dolato high is super calming in nature, with effects that will leave you dazed and peaceful for hours and hours on end.

Dr. Funk has an almost psychedelic high that leaves you numbed in both mind and body in a good way. This weed will leave you feeling a euphoric onset with a rush of cerebral stimulation and energy that slowly fades into a potent body buzz that leaves you utterly relaxed and couch-locked.

Are you a fan of lemon flavors? You’re going to love this. The teeth-clenching flavor sensation packed in this citrus bomb goes straight to the head. Once there, Lemongrass tickles the mind in the form of a relaxed-yet-euphoric high. The soothing and tranquilizing effect takes prominence on repeated use, supporting a mind state that gets you through the day.

Where to Buy Marijuana for Depression

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