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5 Best Weed Strains for Sleep

man sleeping on grass

So you finally have time to relax and have a good rest after a long hard day of work, but there’s only one problem, you’re struggling to sleep. Believe it or not, this is a pretty common problem for most people. In fact, a shocking study published in 2017 found that one in three Canadians isn’t getting […]

Introduction to Weed Dabbing

weed dabbing man and woman

Anyone who has been experimenting with weed consumption has somehow stumbled upon weed dabbing at some point. While smoking weed is one of the most common methods of consumption, weed dabbing is undoubtedly up there as dabs have increasingly gained popularity in the weed industry. Dabbing or Dabs may still be foreign for most people […]

Best Way to Store Your Weed

weed strain in storage

Your method of storing weed might be messing up your whole experience as it could negatively affect its potency and flavors. When cannabis storage is done correctly, you’ll be able to preserve that fresh goodness right at your house, ready to give you the best trips ever. Although marijuana usage has been around for quite […]

Simple Beginner’s Guide On Edible Dosing

edible cookies beside a strain

Have you heard of the saying “first impressions last”? Well, in this case, anyone who is not new to dosing certainly has their own unique story about the first time they tried edibles. Some may have had great experiences, though some might get off a rough start with edibles, leading them to a not-so-good impression […]

Understanding Headache and How Marijuana Could Help

man having a headache

Headache is pretty straightforward, throbbing pain in the head region area, which causes a person experiencing it unable to concentrate and think clearly. It may also come in different forms of pain, such as sharp pain, throbbing, or dull pain.  However, a simple headache could mean many different things. Depending on the intensity or type […]

What are Marijuana Concentrates?

marijuana concentrates

Marijuana concentrate is a high potent THC with levels ranging from 40 to 80 percent, as it varies on some products. If you’re wondering how high it is, high-grade plant cannabis usually only has about 20% THC level. That is a 100% or even lower difference than a Marijuana Concentrate. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the main […]

How Long Do Edibles Stay in Your System?

cbd gummies edibles

What Are Edibles? Cannabis has been widely used worldwide for many years now, whether recreational or medicinal. A lot of research has been done now, and businesses have emerged.  The market’s creativity has led to multiple food outcomes infused with THC or CBD to gain effects while enjoying a snack. Instead of inhaling, using a […]

What is the Difference Between Indica and Sativa?

indica and sativa strain

So you are exploring some cannabis products online or at local dispensaries near you, and you come across the terms Indica and Sativa. What are these types? What’s the difference between these two?  We’ll try to answer these questions in this blog and hopefully help you explore different types while at the same time understanding […]

What is CBD Shatter

cbd shatter

There are many types of CBD Isolates, and CBD Shatter is one of them. Many people familiar with Cannabis products are most probably aware of the two most famous compounds found in Marijuana called THC and CBD.  THC is responsible for people’s “high” feeling when consuming any cannabis product, whereas CBD is mainly for pain […]