What is the Difference Between Indica and Sativa?

indica and sativa strain

So you are exploring some cannabis products online or at local dispensaries near you, and you come across the terms Indica and Sativa. What are these types? What’s the difference between these two? 

We’ll try to answer these questions in this blog and hopefully help you explore different types while at the same time understanding what strains are best for you.

There have been tons of questions about what Indica Strain is and how it is different from Sativa. Indeed, each of them has its key distinctions, and we are aiming to explore their differences here with you today!

When should you take Indica Strain?

The best way to go about this is to understand what they are known for, who should be taking them, and why you should take them.

The first thing you have to know about Indica Plant is they are generally shorter and rounder in looks than Sativa Plant. Indica is associated with the feeling of calmness and a relaxed state mentally and physically. 

This only makes sense as Indica Strains often have higher levels of CBD, a compound in Cannabis known for providing relief for anxiety, pain, chronic disease, nausea, and more.

It’s safe to say that people who are aiming to relax might benefit more from the potentials of an Indica Strain as they are much more susceptible to providing calming effects for its users. 

That being said, taking Indica Strains at night time is highly recommended to help you dose off and enjoy your nice nighttime sleep after the experience.

Benefits of taking Indica Strain

So what are the specific benefits you should be expecting when you’re taking an Indica Strain? Here are some of the few notable benefits to anticipate.

Improves Sleep Quality

If you’re aiming to get a good night’s sleep, Indica Marijuana Strain for sure is an excellent idea for you! Not only are they effective in helping people who are suffering from Insomnia sleep, but Indica also promotes and enhances the quality of your sleep, which is a huge plus to a person’s whole physical and mental well-being.

Excellent Relief for Stress and Anxiety

Indica is well known for having a predominant CBD compound, which is well associated as a treatment for Stress and Anxiety. A study in 2013 also capitalizes how it stimulates specific brain receptors and improves a person’s mental well-being, acting as an excellent relief for anxiety. 


Provides Overall Muscle Relaxation

Everything about relaxation, your muscles will be very happy when taking Indica Strains. Claiming its sedative properties and specific physical oriented effects, Indica is known to be working very well in people experiencing chronic pain, muscle spasms, and muscle pains.

Reduce Pain and Inflammation

Yes, the CBD compounds have a lot to do with these beautiful effects and benefits of Indica Strains. One of the most prevalent benefits of these strains is reducing pain and inflammation, which may be an underlying symptom of another disease or side effects.

Nevertheless, Indica Strains are proven to have anti-inflammatory properties, making them ideal for treating patients and used as traditional medicine.

When should you take Sativa Strain?

Now that we’ve already tackled most about the Indica let’s go straight at what Sativa Strain is and how it is different.

First off, you should know that Sative Plants are often more sharp and pointy than the Indica Plant’s soft edges.

Sativa strains have a much higher dose of THC than CBD compounds. This explains how Sativa is associated with providing psychoactive effects, or other people might say the “mind-high.”

If you’re aiming to achieve intense focus, an immense amount of creativity, and an unwavering amount of energy, Sativa is the strain for you!

Boosting productivity in the daytime and starting your day with a blast is the best way to benefit from the potent effects of Sativa Strain!

Benefits of taking Sativa Strain

The best way to decide which strain you should be taking is to understand the underlying effects and benefits you could potentially get from them. Here are some of the incredible benefits of taking Sativa Marijuana Strains!

Unleashes Your Creativity

If you’re creative or struggling with a mind-boggling project of yours, you might want to try and immerse yourself with some good Sativa Marijuana. They are associated with intense focus, which is hard to achieve right now with so many distractions. Sativa Strain will unleash the creative side of you and help you get a ton of creative work done in no time! 

Natural Energy Booster

Sativa’s THC content is highly responsible for its uplifting and euphoric effects, which builds up as a natural energy booster that keeps you motivated to keep going all day long! 

Excellent Aid for Appetite Loss

Suppose you’re having trouble eating lately, whether it’s a symptom of an underlying disease, digestive problems, or other complex reasons, Sativa Strains are excellent for giving you the “munchies” and aids appetite loss. 

Keeping your weight in check and making sure that you are checking the boxes in your daily food requirements is crucial to one’s mental and physical well being and there is no question that Sativa is excellent for improving appetite.


Exploring the different types of plants will help you have much more idea when it comes to picking and choosing the best products for you and your needs!

Hopefully, this short blog will cast light on some of the confusions you have about Indica, Sativa, and their differences. 

There is undoubtedly much more to learn about Cannabis or Marijuana, and we would love to be part of your exploration journey. Make sure to visit us at Toke Club to find more interesting topics like this.

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