Understanding Edibles: How Long It Stays in Our System?

cannabis edible

What Are Edibles?

Cannabis has been widely used worldwide for many years now, whether recreational or medicinal. A lot of research has been done now, and businesses have emerged. 

The market’s creativity has led to multiple food outcomes infused with THC or CBD to gain effects while enjoying a snack. Instead of inhaling, using a pot or, smoking marijuana, ingesting them through and with foods is a fresh new way of using cannabis.

However, since Edibles are not the traditional way of consuming and reaping the benefits of the famous Marijuana compounds, there’s still a lot of speculation about its potency, how it affects users and how long it stays in a person’s system after usage. Today, we’re going to lay out the facts about edibles and hopefully straighten up some confusion about them. 

What Makes Edibles Different?

Edibles are different in many ways compared to your traditional Cannabis Strains. Here are some of the few things that make them stand apart:

It comes in different flavors!

If you’re going to buy them off the market, you have tons of available options out there that are infused with THC, CBD, or both. Most of them are chocolate bars, gummies, drinks, or any other baked goods that you could think of. You won’t run out of flavors to try!

They have a longer active duration.

Even though the compounds infused in the edibles are the same as those in traditional marijuana, the way it’s consumed makes a lot of difference.

Smoking cannabis might take effect instantly after 2-10 minutes after inhaling. On the other hand, edibles react slower and have a much longer active duration than a traditional strain.

Some prefer edibles because they are less complicated.

What’s more complicated than chewing a gummy or devouring a chocolate bar? Nothing! 

The fact that they are so simple makes them preferred by most people, especially if they are on a trip and don’t want to have any inconvenience carrying around tools required for smoking marijuana.

How Long Do Edibles Take Effect?

We talked a while ago about why there’s a difference between the effects of Edibles and Strain itself, mainly caused by how it was consumed.

Ingesting THC makes it slower for them to take effect. You would have to wait for 30minutes to 2hours before the THC in edibles kick in its psychoactive effects. This is important to remember, so you won’t mistakenly take more doses just because you don’t feel its effects yet.

Primary High could last for up to 12 hours upon ingestion and up to 24 hours for the Secondary high.

How Long Do Edibles Stay in Your System?

There are some complexities when it comes to answering this question, such as how many doses a person takes and how often they are using edibles. Furthermore, here’s a common understanding of how long edibles stay in the system.

  • THC in Edibles will typically last to no more than 4 hours in your blood.
  • They stick with saliva a little bit longer, for 1-3 days upon ingestion.
  • This will depend on how often you urinate and how many doses you take, but it should last anywhere from 3-30 days on your urine.
  • THC from Edibles tends to last on your hair for up to 90 days.

Tips On Flushing Edible Out of Your System Quickly

Now that we’ve discussed the duration of how long the edibles stay in your system, these numbers may vary, and there are some natural ways you could do to help your body quickly replenish itself.

Here are some ways we recommend to flush edibles out of your system a little more quickly:

Drink more and more water

This may be obvious already, but drinking more water keeps you urinating in the bathroom—the best way to flush remaining THC out of your system.

Take Regular Exercise

Sweating is another way for our bodies to secrete toxins out of our bodies. Cardio might be an excellent exercise for you to do as they raise your heart rate and helps you sweat more.

Make Yourself A Lemon Juice

Let’s just say that drinking freshly squeezed lemonade is an upgrade to drinking your water. It keeps you hydrated and provides tons of vitamins and minerals ideal for flushing left THC out of your system.

Scalp Deep Hair Wash

You can use regular shampoo, or even Detox Shampoo specifically made for these situations. THC tends to stick around our hair for quite a long time, so you might have to wash them deep enough to brush them off your scalp.

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