7 Best Online Cannabis Shop Alternatives in Canada

buying marijuana online

The digital age has drastically changed the way we shop for so many things, including cannabis. Now, we can explore products from the comfort of our homes anytime. Let’s be real. When it comes to buying cannabis online, we want consistency, affordability, accessibility, quality, and convenience. We want a seamless experience from first click to delivery. 

The Convenience of Buying Cannabis Online

Buying legal weed online saves time, money, and energy. No more gas money or time spent driving to pick it up. 

In the world of online cannabis retail, shoppers tend to develop trust and preferences for certain bigger companies and online weed shops like West Coast Cannabis Canada. Despite the availability of these established dispensaries, we still hear that people are looking for new options and West Coast Cannabis ‘alternatives.’ We hate to think of our fellow tokers and cannabis users struggling to find their favourite strains or products, especially if you have a medical need and need your medicine quickly. There’s also potency and quality to consider.

It’s worth weighing up your options to find the best place to shop and the best West Coast Cannabis alternatives. So, how do you decide where to buy legal weed online?

What to Look for When Buying Weed Online

Look for an established online cannabis shop that offers a bunch of different high-quality weed products and fast shipping, so you can quickly go from clicking and buying to toking, vaping, tasting a delicious edible, or taking a beneficial tincture that gives you relief. 

That’s where Toke Club comes in. We know every cannabis user wants to find somewhere with great customer service and everything for a great price, from flowers and topicals to edibles and concentrates. You want a cannabis dispensary that sources from reputable growers and details the product info so you know what you’re getting and that the quality is just right every single time. 

You’re not just another customer to our team at Toke Club Canada; you’re a fellow recreational cannabis enthusiast or medical patient, and we promise you’ll get consistency, efficiency, and superior customer support. No matter where you live in Canada, as one of the best online weed shops, we promise to deliver only the finest products to your door quickly and discreetly. 

We carefully hand-select our products, and we’re built by industry experts with years of experience. We’re probably most known for our $100 ounces and our top-of-the-line shatter for wholesale prices, including shatter-based candies by Euphoria Extractions and weed caviar for those who like the finer things in life for the best possible prices. 

Our List of 7 Quality One-Stop-Shops for Cannabis Online

Here’s our helpful list of quality one-stop shops for buying bud online, and, yes, of course, we’re not shy to say we’re on the list, too. 

Toke Club Canada

Our Toke Club Canada team doesn’t believe a lower price should also mean lower quality, especially when money is tight, which is stressful and takes a toll on your mental health. Cannabis is a great way to relieve those feelings of stress, so we give you access to prime BC weed for the lowest possible prices. Our easy-to-use cannabis shop online makes purchasing simple and fast and clearly lays out our wide range of available and affordable products that have passed our high standards.

Many online marijuana dispensaries won’t even let you choose your preferred strains or choose between indica or sativa. Toke Club promises consistency and always lets you choose your products. You’ll never get kush that’s full of shake or poorly cultivated; only the cream of the crop prime weed products, from one cannabis enthusiast to another. If you’ve heard the legend of the $100 ounce kush, yes, it’s true, and it’s at your fingertips.

Become a member of our Toke Club, get a $5 credit towards your first purchase, and start earning points and saving on your weed. We’ll let you know about our Dank Deals sales before they go live and when your favourite strains are coming in stock because there’s nothing like your favourite herb when you need it most. 

West Coast Cannabis

West Coast Cannabis has been around for a while and offers great customer service and various products tested for quality, including topicals, concentrates, edibles, and more. West Coast Cannabis Canada has lots of reviews from satisfied customers buying weed online. Their online marijuana dispensary is user-friendly with a clean design. They also have a section for pet health and useful info on CBD for pets. WCC is a well-respected brand that also sells cool accessories like shirts, hats, socks, grinders, rolling papers, and ashtrays. 

Bulk Weed Inbox

Bulk Weed Inbox is another popular one-stop-shop that only offers cannabis products or BC Bud produced in British Columbia, where the soil is rich and the climate is ripe for cultivation. They offer a range of prices, and they’ve been around for several years. Bulk Weed Inbox offers fast shipping options and remains a reliable cannabis dispensary in Canada. 

Weed Deals

Weed Deals has been a reputable online cannabis dispensary for over five years offering flowers, extracts, edibles, and vapes varying in price. They don’t offer quite as many accessories as some other cannabis shops online. Weed Deals is located in British Columbia and remains committed to industry quality standards. They offer fast delivery and guarantee packages are shipped discreetly and efficiently. 

MMJ Express

MMJ Express has an online shop that’s easy to navigate with a wide selection of cannabis products. They even have a section for pet health for your furry friends and an online chat support during business hours. You can shop by category and choose from different types of cannabis, edibles, concentrates, mushrooms, CBD, vapes, oils, and topicals. They have a limited selection of accessories. 

Weed Smart

Weed Smart has an online shop that’s more fun and lively than many others and is known for its nice selection of tasty edibles, including candy and chocolate. The shop even has a cool section for learning where they explain things like weed butter. Weed Smart states that they’re committed to changing the perception of marijuana, which can be a tough nut to crack. They have over 30 strains of high-grade BC cannabis and positive reviews overall.

Get Kush

Get Kush has been recognized by the Times Square Chronicles, the Weed Blog, and more. They have positive reviews and remain dedicated to their mission to grant access to high-grade medical marijuana to those of legal age in Canada. They’re also on a mission to change how cannabis is perceived in Canada and everywhere else in the world, and they dedicate a portion of the profits to research on educating the public. Get Kush has a large selection of over 120 weed strains, along with other cannabis products.

Where to Order Your Favorite Weed Online

Ordering weed online at Toke Club is a simple, easy-to-understand, four-step process.

  1. Step 1 – Fill out the registration form and create an account. You’ll get an email confirmation once you’ve been verified. 
  2. Step 2 – Have fun shopping our impressive selection of top-notch marijuana products.
  3. Step 3 – Add your products to the cart and pay securely with Interac E-Transfer.
  4. Step 4 – Track your order with Canada Post shipping and get fast and discreet delivery.

Premium Cannabis Products

Toke Club Canada offers:

Our weed products are top-quality but only a fraction of the cost of government stores. From Agent Orange to Black Diamond and Gorilla Bomb, we offer the best $100 ounces around. Seriously though, where else can you get a $100 ounce of this caliber? We’ll wait. 
Check out our Boost CBD chocolate Pack or our Boost CBD Tincture. Our vape pens are always popular. Here at Toke Club Canada, we want Canadians to enjoy and reap the benefits of the best of cannabis. We know that sparkling trichomes and attractive nugs are the basis of any stellar cannabis product.

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