Simple Beginner’s Guide On Edible Dosing

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Have you heard of the saying “first impressions last”? Well, in this case, anyone who is not new to dosing certainly has their own unique story about the first time they tried edibles. Some may have had great experiences, though some might get off a rough start with edibles, leading them to a not-so-good impression with the substance.

In this guide, we’ll give out some helpful tips for beginners to remember on their first-time using edibles. This guide will ensure that you’ll have the best experience and avoid rookie mistakes in edible dosing.

Start Slow.

Now we all know that you’re probably hyped to experience the effects of edibles finally, but you should not rush through it. Choosing edibles with small doses of THC and CBD should be ideal, especially if you don’t have much experience with cannabis compounds before. An important thing to note is that traditional Marijuana and edibles vary in consumption through inhaling and digesting, so you should expect a slight disparity in the effects. Generally, the impacts of edibles will take longer to hit compared to smoking marijuana. So waiting it out even if you weren’t feeling any results yet after taking edibles would be best for safety precautions.

Have a Safe Place and Company.

Edible Marijuana may have different effects for anyone, even more unpredictable at your first time taking it. This is why planning everything out would probably be the best, and one of those plans should be a safe environment and a friend that would guide you if anything happens. It is to ensure that you’ll be safe as you might get unconscious once the psychoactive effects of edibles are released. Your home should be an ideal place for you to try edible dosing. Also, make sure that you don’t have any upcoming obligations and clear your schedule to focus on the whole experience.

Prepare Your Body.

Consider the experience as a physical activity wherein you must prepare your body and mind before starting. Ensure that you have eaten a complete, balanced meal and are well hydrated before taking the Marijuana Edibles to prevent an upset stomach. There are also cases wherein an empty stomach could speed up and increase the effects of edibles on your body, which could lead to a negative experience and uncontrollable highs.

Avoid Alcohol Consumption.

While this is pretty much a no-brainer, it is still essential to mention that you must avoid simultaneously taking Marijuana with alcohol, especially at your first-time edible dosing. One of the many reasons behind this is it can rapidly heighten up the effects of Marijuana, along with all the other negative impacts of simultaneous use of alcohol and cannabis.

Find a Reliable Source.

This part is crucial simply because you have to ensure that you’ll be consuming the correct dosage as written on the label. Most knock-off cannabis products don’t take standard measures too seriously in the quality of the materials used to produce their edibles. Although they may have the same psychoactive effects as the other legitimate brands, the dosage and labeling will most likely be inaccurate, so you must avoid them at all costs, especially at your first-time. If you’re looking for a good source, we recommend you check out Toke Club today for high-quality edible selections.

Try to Look for Hybrid Edibles

Some may recommend you take edibles with a similar or close ratio of THC and CBD compounds to have an all-throughout, balanced experience. The effects of a pure edible might be too aggressive for a beginner, and it’s a wise choice to take it slow and proportional. Another good technique is also to take just a half of an edible, whether it’s a gummy or a brownie, and wait for the effect. This method helps you gauge your tolerance, and it’s always good to add up whenever you feel like you haven’t had enough as long as you take it slowly.

Delicious Marijuana Edibles You Must Try!

So now that we’ve straightened up some of the things you need to remember at your first-time trying edibles, we’ve gathered some of the most delicious marijuana edibles we highly recommend you to try!

Wrapping Up. 

Your experience will ultimately boil down to how prepared you are, how good the quality of your edible was and how much dosage you take. However, bad trips happen, and you should always be prepared for anything. That is why good company and environment are preferred, especially on your first-time edible dosing. Furthermore, we hope that you’ve learned many valuable tips from this beginner guide and wish you have an excellent edible experience!

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