Do Edible Gummies Expire?

edible gummies beside weed

The rise of edibles has been increasingly prevalent as time goes by simply because they are easy to consume, convenient, and, most importantly, a fun way to get stoned, especially at parties. Edibles are known for their longer-lasting highs and less-intense highs, so if this is something that you also want, you should consider taking edibles instead of the traditional weed strains.

One of the most commonly consumed types of edible is edible gummies. Why? They are small, delicious, and easy to carry around. If we’re looking at technicalities, they are easier to dose, and you can literally put them in your mouth instantly anywhere you are. Unlike cannabis-infused baked goods like brownies or cookies, Edible Gummies tend to stay fresh for longer. In this blog, we’ll talk about whether edible gummies expire and other related topics.

Difference Between Regular Food and Edibles When It Comes to Shelf Life.

The idea that you have tons of possibilities for cannabis-infused foods for anything you want is such a delightful experience. However, most people wonder whether these foods have a longer or shorter shelf-life compared to those infused with cannabis. The simple answer is that the cannabis compound shouldn’t be affecting the pre-existing shelf-life of a particular food. So a regular brownie should last the same as cannabis-infused brownies. This explains why Edible Gummies are so popular as they can stay fresh for up to 3-6 months, considering that you have proper storage.

Will Your Edibles Gummies Lost Potency Overtime?

One of the most common questions is whether edible gummies lose their potency over time or not. The short answer is yes. Like any other food, they wouldn’t last forever, along with their potency. However, gummy edibles tend to last way longer and should stay fresh for about 3-6 months before slowly losing potency. Most people prefer them because you can save them up for half a year and still maintain that fresh goodness, with its long mild high that should give you that high you’ve always wanted.

Why Do People Love Edible Gummies?

Why do people love them so much compared to other edibles? Here are a few reasons for it and why you should also hop on it yourself.

Longer Lasting

As mentioned above, edible gummies tend to last longer than other alternatives as they have much more preservatives in it. You’ll be able to enjoy them for as long as you want, considering you are appropriately storing them.

Easier to Store

Unlike chocolate bars, gummies have a much higher melting point, meaning you won’t have to worry much about storage as opposed to other edible options out there. 

Conveniently Dose

Each bite-sized treat would pretty much have the same amount of compounds, making it easier to dose. Since potency is a tricky thing regarding the late effects of edibles, you’ll then have a better gauge of how many gummies are best for you and how many are too much.

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