Introduction to Weed Dabbing

weed dabbing man and woman
Anyone who has been experimenting with weed consumption has somehow stumbled upon weed dabbing at some point. While smoking weed is one of the most common methods of consumption, weed dabbing is undoubtedly up there as dabs have increasingly gained popularity in the weed industry. Dabbing or Dabs may still be foreign for most people nowadays, especially for beginners who have just started exploring the world of cannabis. That being said, here’s a quick read that will introduce you to weed dabbing, how it’s different and whether you should be trying them or not.

What is Dabbing Weed

For starters, “dabbing” is a term used to describe a certain method of marijuana consumption. On the other hand, a “dab” is a term used for concentrated cannabis, which is usually in the form of wax, shatter, and crumble. Dabs essentially came from cannabis flowers or weeds, but they are slightly more potent and tend to have a much higher content of CBD or THC since they are concentrated.

What Makes Weed Dabbing Different?

When it comes to cannabis users, experience is a huge thing, and weed dabbing is certainly a roller coaster ride, especially for beginners. The unique experience of dabbing weeds and creative ways of using rigs have led it to become one of the most popular marijuana consumption methods and an alternative for smoking weed flowers. While you’re essentially casting out the psychoactive effects of the same flower, whether you’re smoking or dabbing, the two methods will vary slightly. The most apparent distinction is the method of consumption. Smoking marijuana pertains to burning the actual pant material or from a joint, while dabbing means burning concentrated wax, which requires using some form of dabbing apparatus. Another distinction between smoking and dabbing is the potency. As mentioned, dabs are a much more concentrated form of cannabis, so you will likely experience more potent effects than a weed strain. Generally speaking, concentrates range between 50-90% THC or CBD, while marijuana only ranges between 15-30%. This also means that weed dabbing is not for the novice user and might need some supervision if you haven’t tried dabbing before.

Do this Before You Jump to Dabbing

Like any other activity, there are certain safety precautions that you should take, especially if you’re new to weed dabbing. This ensures you make the most out of the experience and also for safety purposes.
  • Read or watch a step-by-step tutorial
  • Explore dabbing CBD concentrates first before jumping to THC
  • Make sure you’re hydrated before dabbing.
  • Get your dabs from a reliable source as well as your dabbing tools.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you don’t have to be a “dabbing wiz” to enjoy and experience the fantastic world of dabbing weed. Proper guidance and a little knowledge about dabs and how they differ from other methods of marijuana consumption are more than enough for you to head straight into dabbing weeds. Bottom line, treat dabs as how you used to smoke weed. Different dabs still vary depending on the potency, amount of consumption, and tolerance levels.

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